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What bovine head adores is former by
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What bovine head adores is former by

Roaming everywhere in recent years, a few commonner the friend that makes art, there is the bovine head of artwork be regardinged as in the bedroom. And also can see vendor on downtown streets people the bovine head that carves paternoster of language having Tibet as adornment artwork peddle everywhere. Self-evident, these bovine heads come from Tibetan area. But whether do you know truly, bovine head to Tibetan nation, what to mean after all?

The Mexican valley of bleak of no less than is having mystery to feel same to the person of different culture, the highland that hides this of primitive simplicity that ethical place lives is right allure also was full of for alien mostly. Well-known, tibetan a group of things with common features is one is having him complete and the nation of distinctive culture tradition, on belief of habit of the language that has oneself, character, custom, religion, history politics the system of government that teachs syncretic and happy-go-lucky nomadism or farming agrarian life. In recent years, be fixed eyes on by the world increasingly as a result of what Tibet learns and Tibet passes buddhism to be understood by more and more person place. This nation also aroused the interest of more person subsequently. Got especially the attention of numerous artist. Another group of a flock of artistic pilgrim emerge to here, include poet, writer, photographer, painter and worker of movie and TV among them. Return when going, they divide the work that brings back their to create, among them many people still cannot forget to bring back a bovine head as souvenir, with the pilgrim behavior of play the peacock.

Actually, can notice to the people that crosses this finally Sukhavati on the world to go up, no matter here is the peak in the high mountain, still be by the side of big bank, those are said to make stand of magical hold a memorial ceremony for, pile have a lot of already by efflorescent or just new placement bovine head. Even some of fane is surrounded together, the Zhuang Men that the village abandons is topmost or on housetop, also base model has bovine head. On the gain of some high mountain that hides an area, still act according to have very big bison head. What what it has is thick, mystery and male strength, make a lot of artists do it dump, regard jewellery as. And most grand still belong to LhasaThe Potala PalaceFall with medical king foot of a hill, caboodle has countless oxen head over there, its forehead border still carves the 6 words true word of article having Tibet. Be in Lhasa, you still can see a lot of dress, artwork and travel souvenir go up, or braid, or color print is worn bovine head design. No matter how lack the person of observation, want him to had arrived to hide an area only, won't notice this distinctive phenomenon. So. The nation with Buddhist belief of this the whole people, why like so again and revere bovine head, even piously consecrate it?
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