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What bovine head adores is former by
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This should speak of from the primitive belief of Tibetian.

Like be the same as other people, ancient Tibetian also believe in totem. This kind adores some already disappeared perhaps be out of shape, some circulates all the time however and the edge reviews up to now, and because have powerful vitality and mental intention double suffer common people to take seriously. Because of,the totem adores of phyletic, nation, district different and different. Among them the distinction that each nation interior has each tribe and familial idol to differ again. For instance some tribe adore a wolf to perhaps rebuke, some tribe adore fowl, some adores tree of flowers and plants again or high mountain great river. But as a whole, every nation still has what he secures to compare the totemic content of model and famous all ~ . For example it is special that the Han nationality adores Long Hefeng totem model and general.

Tibetian is same also, from every for tribe, its idol is distinguishing. But yak to whole Tibet nation, just like Long Feng to whole Chinese the people is same, be general, the decisive totemic God that belongs to entire nation. It so can the edge manages up to now, it is Tibetian thinks everythings on earth has from of old on one hand clever. Additional, buddhism is in after passing into Tibetan area, to live and develop, its confluence and the primitive religion that absorbed Tibetian, formed distinctive Tibet to pass buddhism. Next, because yak is Tibetian one of domestic animals of the earliest domestication, and accompanying Tibetan a group of things with common features lived today. It not only cold-resistant, get used to high height above sea level to live, and raise humour is docile and easily, and return carriage tool can be made in a mountainous area region with unfrequented, backward traffic, common has " downy boat " good name. But it is hidden nation as totemic idol, it is OK that the mainest reason still depends on be in on the history of thousands of very consummate all ages of enumerate, it is it the flesh and blood that uses it and disposition feed and the nation that affected this hard on highland land to living. Its flesh, grandma, ghee is the staple food of Tibetian, its leather and Mao Ye are the raw material with Tibetian indispensable commodity, more important is it exceeds constant live force and hard-working, kind-hearted and not the individual character with brutal Wei, ever ground of exert a subtle influence on affected whole Tibet nation. Can say, the Tibetan nation on the history, if lost yak, live those who lose an in part the spirit of resource and subsist is relied on. Consequently, eliminate is gone to by the clique on its body the part of use, the head that remain is represented as the spirit of whole ox and be risen by high consecrate, win as the totem of whole nation adore and revere. The record in historical data having a department says " armour Qu person offers body of bovine tribal chief to resemble, bovine head is embedded with Bai Shi on the wall, housetop lays bovine head " (Wang Tingliang " Jia Qu and yak Qiang " ) , " history of the Qiang nationality " in also say, "Up to now the Jia Rong inside autonomous prefecture of A dam Tibetian hides a person, the great mind of the consecrate in the home is ' Niu Shouren body " ' . Of Tibetian " ministry of spirit of mind of · of teaching of 5 involuntary discharge of urine " in of the description " year " in the totem, year of chief of a tribe that its are person yak head the 5th in all fair. And be in Tibetian is primitive in be being surnamed greatly, 6 have yak department, spitting king department to give the 6 yak department in elegant grand allegedly. Additional, tibetan area still has the yak mountain that content turns and yak river. About yak hill, still have a wonderful fokelore, say " Tibet is entered at the beginning of lotus earthnut, from
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