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Tibetan classics long narrow flag----The prayer in wind
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Tibetan classics long narrow flag----The prayer in wind

Imprint have lection " wind horse " classics long narrow flag, on the halyard that appears the earliest at Ga to lift religious sect fane allegedly. Cang Chuanfo teachs a view language of recite scriptures of Song of ground of believer loop move back and forth, especially 6 words admonitions (namely avalokitesvara god cuss " buzz, , , , Mi, moo " ) , because these 6 words are considered as all classical germ, want to turn over iteration to read aloud only, can accumulate merits and virtues, can get freeing oneself when merits and virtues is satisfactory. Should imprint have 6 words admonition " wind horse " when classics long narrow flag is blown by wind, give out " " sound, as if to read aloud lection in Song, no matter cloister is returned,be a village so, can insert on clearing establish the pillar of classics long narrow flag that is as high as number rice, will " wind horse " classics long narrow flag is high and pensile at blast tuyere. Among them the the biggest, famousest tower aloft when number at divine hill " Gangrenboqi " the column of classics long narrow flag on peak color male beach, it is as high as 24 meters, top pesters the wind horse that has multicoloured. Annual lunar calendar used by the Zang nationality on April 15, meet those who hold a convention to change ceremony of classics long narrow flag, at the appointed time, go to before countless monks are numerous attend a ceremony. When shabby when faded classics long narrow flag is gotten off to come, the people of too impatient to wait is met rush up in a crowd contends for photograph loot, because hide clansman to believe, the old classics long narrow flag that hanged a year is OK disappear calamity goes disaster.


Actually, arrive from divine long narrow flag in wind horse in the transition process of classics long narrow flag, wind horse center " horse " also gradually from " horse sending fetch " change is " carry classics horse on the back " . Watch pattern of wind horse center carefully, a strong and vigorous BMW, the heavy thing is had on the body, tibetan words says " Nuo cloth end cling to " , namely equestrian place carries on the back rub the Buddhist nun " 3 treasure " . The upper part that spells a plan controls draw to have life, remain design of 4 kinds of animals quadrilateral, sometimes flat also will replace with the character of 4 animal. Still have other picture now and then, but it is figure of Buddha, Bodhisattva commonly, spend the mother figure related to buddhism. And, buddhism will originate at first " the five elements " a few kinds of animals gifted new meaning, it thinks these 5 kinds of animals symbolize respectively Buddhist element of 5 big material " the ground, water, wind, fire, empty " , growl lion is indicative " the ground " , because lion is on snow mountain; Auspicious dragon is indicative " water " , because dragon swims in water; Fierce tiger is indicative " wind " , because the tiger is silvan king, and tell in the five elements " wind gives birth to Yu Mu " ; Divine roc is indicative " fire " , because of roc the great mind that is the Dai Chongxin when Tibetian is antediluvian, have give birth to the magic power such as burning hot, flare, as similar as bad temper; The horse that wind Ma Zhong ends, also say for " courser " or " horse of hold a memorial ceremony for " , tibetan language is " the tower becomes aware " , indicative " the ground, water, wind, fire " the empty that depends on is empty.
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