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Free captive animals of area of snow region Tibet is consuetudinary
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"Free captive animals " it is Tibet a kind of folk that ethical region exists generally is consuetudinary, belong to category of folk-custom religion activity, pattern of each upper reveal one's true features is roughly same -- the people is put put in nature 's charge, hold the post of its emerge of itself and perish of itself.

The origin of free captive animals
Be in Tibetian area, a lot of consuetudinary contact together with religion, free captive animals also is such.
According to Tibetian history record, the primitive religion of be current of Tibetan ancient time is to teach originally, also say black religion. "Initial popularity hides the one belt in A after, hind from on the west eastwards disseminate arrives Tibetan each district. The divine spirit demon of believe in heaven and earth, mountain forest, water lustre and natural content, weigh sacred, sorcerer's dance in a trance, augur, solution averting by prayers to wait " (" religious dictionary " ) . Because be opposite of all sorts of divine spirit demon and natural content awe-stricken, this follower of a religion is commonly used sacrifice is sacred the destruction that accompanies the behavior of nature, history record ever had appeared " blood stream becomes a river, the flesh piles mountain " say. Visible, wild animal and rich sufferred play havoc with at that time. As a result of the replace of progressive era of the history, the buddhism on highland replaced this primitive teaching
Tibet passes buddhism and one of the biggest distinction that this teaching to advocate ahimsa namely, had again subsequently " free captive animals " common, continue up to now. Vivid level of farming herd the people's livelihood raises the Tibet nowadays and broad Tibet area very fast, domestic home has money of surplus grain beyond, the common of free captive animals is more extensive also more general, the move family that has free captive animals is more also.
Do good works of free captive animals is begged restful
Free captive animals regards folk of a kind of Tibetian as culture, in broad Tibetian the area differs because of rich degree and different level land is existing, behave gimmick diversity not only, psychology, purpose also each different.
Appreciate, be very fond of home of farming area home to have farm cattle, the work in the ground it exerts oneself most, the farmer is cherished to farm cattle to the utmost, when farm work is tired, want to open special mess to farm cattle everyday; To farm cattle all along not random sound the night watches won't be killed at will, raise continuously till it often dies. The farm cattle head that some other peoples often still die oneself is buried in the ground, after waiting for its flesh to decay, take character come home, be in the square engrave of skull 6 words true word, hang below the eave of oneself, show the yearning to it, gratitude to it and respect.
No matter farming area a pasturing area, tibetian family home raises milk cow, drunk milk, used butter is it bestow, it is so in cattle milk cow also most suffer bestow favor on. A lot of village have milk cow especially the habit of free captive animals of old milk cow. Some milk cow are in master home with respect to the life as a child, follow master ten years, built very deep love with master family, made many contribution for master home, "Those who eat is careless, squeeze those who come out is a grandma " . Become so after it became old, host cares more to it, more be very fond of, do not hit do not kill a life of its freedom ground.
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