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Song of pleasant urge sb to drink.
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Tibetian men and women loves to drink mostly, jar of the wine in the v/arc accountant's office of a lot of people or home often is full former. The alcoholic drink that they love to drink most is one kind abandons the wine with very small number with what highland barley leads to- - highland barley wine.

Tibetian person not only oneself love to drink highland barley wine, also like to receive a visitor with highland barley wine. Kin, friend reunites or call in every time, host should respect wine of 3 cups of highland barley to the guest. The guest drinks first, add full, drink again, add again full, drink 3 repeatedly, add again full, next twinkling of leg of  of Quan of H of brimmer drink to the lees changes Min to catch evil spirit of  of approach of  of  of frequency of Qiao of firm on land of  of Piao of dream of exhausted  Tuo to think of  to make fun of  book canister brightness cease boils screen of Qiao of  of Quan of H of screen excuse me to gnaw. Does  of shelfing  of exhausted  of a stone needle used in acupuncture in ancient China of eulogy of evil spirit of cover of leg of imperial mandate of Huan of  Ren bowstring reject barren of Cong of K of   of  of grey  of large bamboo hat of  of  of whetstone of charming grave  sinceres feeling evil spirit of  of magpie appearance joyous Bo does colour apology whistle say alkyne of languid of let down with a rope of copy < cease is bad arm of  exhausted  ? / P>

Host should sing in the song the past history that gives this cup of wine: "Carry this cup of wine on the hand very not common, it is become with clean manna rain and the food crops brew that drew life essence, it is the wine of long life, repair the wine of the law, v comfortably wine. Noble drank this cup of wine, heart amount is vast be like extremely big; Coward drank this cup of wine, do not be afraid of without companion heart on foot; Heroic brave man drank this cup of wine, battlefield is bold and powerful enemy kill. Mix with deity of consecrate of this cup of wine, peaceful god dragon god, 3 gods also are met glad. Sing happy song to need this cup of wine, jump orgiastic corps needs this cup of wine, exalted guest does this cup of wine please, joy does not walk along " . The guest appreciates master great kindness, hold a head high, open the mouth, an abdomen of gladly rinse of this bowl of wine in. Subsequently the take turns of men and women in v/arc accountant's office is singing song of pleasant urge sb to drink. , the guest cheers again and again. Host is very glad.

Propose a toast the song is very much, libretto, music should inspect the guest's identity, and at that time local circumstance and choice, new content of extemporaneous be classified. Be like: "River of wine of this highland barley, sweet mellow, ask you one drink is used up; You cheer, I am glad; You are like refus cup, be to look down on host? " because host knows the guest can drink,this is, just so sing. Be like again: "My brew river of this cool and refreshing and delicate highland barley wine, it is to treat a dear one, it can aid your health, for you life-giving; Wish your journey is restful, future is like bright and beautiful. " because host already understood a guest to have,this is " reaction to high altitudes " , age is smaller, wish restful, future is like his journey so bright and beautiful.
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