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Tibetan religion -- wind horse form is made
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Tibetan religion -- wind horse form is made

Wind horse can divide Yin Feng of banner of horse of the Yin Feng that it is cloth, paper Ma Pian and banner of classics long narrow flag 3 kinds.

Banner of Yin Feng horse is to be on the blue, white, red, green, yellow cloth waiting for color of rectangle or square, the lection that prints place to need with red or black pigment and spell a plan, basically be used at suspension or insert hang, every 5 kinds are a group, array is hang. Allegedly wind horse banner writtens guarantee longlier, hang higher, luck is better also, so the wind horse banner between hilltop gorge, some can be as long as hundreds meters, gigantic voice is given out in wind, the divine Buddha that is the sky sends terrestrial prayer.


Ma Pian of paper Yin Feng, big person feet beyond, small person a few centimeters, imprint on paper of blue, white, red, green, yellow commonly. Can become group suspension or inside and outside of post up room as consecrate content. In Buddhist ceremony sacred pray and when hold a memorial ceremony for of mulberry of cook over a slow fire is displayed, people throws away Ma Pian of paper Yin Feng to serve as mascot, also say " horse of be on the lookout " . As blast an aerosol that rise, wind Ma Pian is helped up shake and go up, sacred person companion with congratulate:

Wind horse rises now,
Wave in the wind litre to the middle of sky.
Did not raise the wind horse since,
Rise again and again please.
It is lucky completely,
Wind horse You, wish you rise headroom.

Whenever religious festival, before temple of Lhasa big clear and by the kitchen of mulberry of cook over a slow fire of all size cloister, accumulating a thick wind horse scrip.

Via banner of long narrow flag, can divide roughly according to colour it is two kinds: One kind uses black or vermilion lubricious dye prints lection graph symbol go up in whole calico; A kind of Ma Qi that be the same as wind is same, print go up in blue, white, red, green, Huang Bu piece.


The assorted form basis of wind horse is its place setting, devotional appearance course, pray of the function different, divide again commonly it is 4 kinds:

The first kind is overhead suspension. Inspect hang up of its environment, relief, utility, can grow but short, but scanty but close.

The 2nd kind is to insert register form. wind horse banner seam at the same time go up in flagpole, steamer of on across compose a lot of strip. Long narrow flag of these wind horse classics basically are inserted in village mouth, housetop, crossroad, summit or hill on the road.
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