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Wind Ma Wuyun
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Civil: Chen Lu pursues: Health. Case mulberry beneficial is picked on the west from " Tibet is humanitarian and geographical "

Of Tibetan classics long narrow flag accumulate

"Wind horse " , also call " classics long narrow flag " , tibetan words says " Long Da Rung-rta " . "Grand " the meaning that is wind, "Amount to " the meaning that is a horse, its precise meaning is: "Wind is a kind of when transmission carries lection aeriform horse, the horse is wind namely. " " wind horse " with " 5 " the basic conpatibility of medicines that serves as it: It has " blue, white, red, green, yellow " 5 kinds of colour, the design on its has " lion, roc, tiger, dragon, horse " 5 kinds of animals, these 5 kinds of animals are represented respectively again " east, north, on the west, south, in " 5 direction.


Be in about the Christian era 619 years of around, taoism passes into Tibetan regime in ancient China from Central Plains, the idea of the five elements of yin and yang of Taoism also passes into Tibetan ground subsequently, from this, "Gold, wood, water, fire, earth " deduce for " iron, wood, water, fire, earth " . 5 kinds of wind horse " blue, white, red, green, yellow " symbolizing respectively " water, iron, fire, wood, earth " , in the meantime, "5 gods " (point to the Eight Diagrams " Dong Canglong, boreal incredible connecting with the boxing skill, xi Baihu, south rosefinch, in deities " ) the cosmic position outlook that also affected Tibetian, specific in wind horse reflect for quadrilateral 4 kinds of zoomorphism of scale, tibetan language is called " dark " (growl lion) , " bead " (auspicious dragon) , " amount to " (fierce tiger) , " fine jade " (divine roc) . Of right upper part roc represent day group, tibetian belief is this world with the day, reason is right for this world; The auspicious dragon of wrong upper part is earthworm is aberrant, express the earth, for shade; Union of or so yin and yang arose to serve as life " horse " ; Derive one lion tiger of Yin Yiyang by Ma Zaifan. This shows, wind horse in a sense is arrive by the circle square " the Eight Diagrams " Tibetan type is aberrant, indicative atman, with too extremely accumulate contain " of everythings on earth of yin and yang only then " the place that has likeness, 5 kinds of animals form unripe loop, do not decline for a long time in order to convey the carry of life all right.

This kind " Chang Yunfu salary " the message is right the influence of Ma Xi common sees Tibetan folk wind everywhere. For instance the wind horse banner on Tibetian civilian house is inserted stand at housetop altitude, take " up " meaning, indicative luck flourishing. Its advocate color of long narrow flag depends on family or the title of an emperor's reign of birthday of lunar calendar used by the Zang nationality of the someone in the courtyard. Tibetian has honour old tradition, so this person is a better of respect getting a person commonly, up implied meaning of flying wind horse banner his gas accumulate grow up, locomotive also his belongings and health grow up. Reason if the birthday the title of an emperor's reign of better is iron year, advocate color of long narrow flag is white, the rest may be deduced by analogy, wood year it is green, water year it is blue, fire year it is gules, earth year it is yellow. Advocate long narrow flag comes by a kind of list that with its itself color differs edge, edge list and advocate the color collocation of long narrow flag needs fibrous root occupies the principle of increase and decrease in mutual promotion and restraint between the five elements. For instance: If advocate long narrow flag is green, the color of edge list should be blue, because wooden water photograph is unripe; If advocate long narrow flag is yellow, criterion the color of edge cloth should be gules, because earthy fire photograph is unripe.
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