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Dequeba -- the classics Tibet of Sang Ye temple makes offerings to
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Dequeba -- the classics Tibet of Sang Ye temple makes offerings to

Temple of Ye of the mulberry austral Tibetan hill is annual lunar calendar used by the Zang nationality held grand classics Tibet to make offerings to on May 15 ceremony, attracted a lot of adherent.

Make offerings to via Tibet, say in Tibetan language " Dequeba " , " " meaning hide for classics, agree classics, classics, "However cling to " meaning to make offerings to, this religion law will be fabulous be by the Mou Ni of period of Tibetan regime in ancient China assist general founds, be mulberry Ye temple is big offer one of.

Mulberry Ye temple makes time is the Christian era about 8 centuries middle period, dynasty of Tibetan regime in ancient China period of assist of heart of Japanese red pine of general of assist of the Five Dynasties. It is Cang Chuanfo teachs the first " Buddha, law, monk " the cloister of 3 treasure completely.

The account on history, assist of heart of Japanese red pine of general of assist of the Five Dynasties is princess of Tang Chaojin city child. The Christian era 754 years assist of heart of Japanese red pine is in office, advocate to consolidate political power design got rid of the chancellery that benzene teachs, promote power of Buddha to restrain benzene teaching in snow region highland energetically. For this, he once early or late twice employ dignitary lonely is protected, close a Great Master lotus is unripe pass into Tibet classics.

Lonely gives his life to protect again after assist of heart of Japanese red pine build temple of Sang Ye of the first cloister, but build repeatedly however in the process that build a temple break down repeatedly, the reason is here evil spirit allegedly very fill, ghost demon runs amuck. Later, the construction of mulberry Ye temple changes to be chaired by lotus earthnut Great Master, dimensions still maintains lonely to protect original design of the Great Master, the address gives birth to a Great Master by lotus new survey is maintained, heart assist chaired assist general Japanese red pine to lay a foundation personally. After lonely protects a Great Master to take office as mulberry Ye temple to build allow can cloth.

Those who seek Ni Zanpu to be assist of heart of Japanese red pine second child, receive kingship 796 years at the Christian era, be in office time has a year only 9 months. During his v/arc be on the throne, of Buddha benzene contend for very intense. Because seek Ni Zanpu to esteem Buddha stoutly, buddhist interest rises formidably gradually. During v/arc be on the throne of general of the assist that seek the Buddhist nun, temple of Xiang Sang Ye offerred a variety of offerings such as bell beetle and big long narrow flag, in big clear the temple built temple and Chang Zhu to the law hides and be opposite of the law for, in Sang Ye the temple was built classics Tibet and Pu showing evidence, namely 4 offer greatly, develop buddhism energetically.

" Wang Tong is written down " on return account, seeking Ni Zanpu is a rich and ideal colorific young monarch, difference between the rich and the poor sees during he is in office, ever gave orders 3 times all the rich and the poor. Once he asks a monk, "Does this kind of phenomenon have method to solve? " the monk says, "Assist general of respect, offer up a sacrifice Buddha advocate, issue alms giving all living creatures. " then assist general comes fane Jing Xian " 4 A are contained classics " , " law skill " , " all is abandoned theory " 3 classics, offer a lot of offerings to figure of Buddha, with mulberry is sacred deities Budda, at the same time to alms giving of numerous common people. Had from now on make offerings to traditional, pass to whole Tibet area and fane gradually after, formed famous Sang Ye temple to make offerings to via Tibet. At this late hour, already had 1210 the history.
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