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Hide the Manishi east to engrave
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Compare through making an on-the-spot investigation for years, tibet east the amount of existence of historical involuntary discharge of urine that area Ma Ni Shi cuts and taste what Tibet can call on the photograph most, the blueness that be like man, prosperous, kind the Manilakang with famous part of number of churchyard of Wu Qi county. Hundreds of meters Ma Buddhist nun piles circumference, the form that layer cascade folds consecrate a move in chess or a movement in wushu to be counted deeply makes stone material each different, layout cuts a way set each other off of character of different, image becomes interesting Manishi. Be in civil on the way entering Tibet that becomes a princess, a place calls up a library, the world of a Manishi is simply over there, it is bare no matter the rock in the ground, or it is to show the region only the stone of one horn, engrave full lection, even someone says, also engraving lection from the stone that subterranean gouge comes to. The lection that these on Manishi engraving has grand piece write greatly, also have a few words, cang Chuanfo teachs the lection of each clique, each Buddha, abracadabra, eulogy to have almost. Among them most carved stone is " 6 words admonitions " , have what carve 6 words on a stone, tibetan words says " Ma Buddhist nun is folded " ; Departure is engraved on 6 stone and draw becomes 6 kinds of color, this kind says " setbacks week " , namely 6 words 6 stone. Some palms engraved thickly dotted small character on big stone, the word that there is to be comprised by 6 words admonition only however on a little tremendous full range rock. These Manishi is to be in hundred years a few to add what rise more gradually, between white snow of day of stand erect Yu La, good not grand. Occupy local personage to inform, those who need to engrave on 1000 flag " eminent Ma classics " also amid, become the town Kang Zhibao that your person highly praises.

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