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The classification that Manishi cuts
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Inchoate Manishi is abracadabra of depict buddhism admonition more, later many art people is to be inspired by pictorial of ab extra and Buddhist ancient codes and records apparently, be opposite to facilitate numerous not the letter numerous Jiaohua of know how to read is illuminative, made graph article union and even the Manishi of the image that open system engrave, and the content of image also exceeded Buddha Bodhisattva gradually all magical limits.

If the Tibetan Ma Ni Shi of a vast sea of fog is engraved,review grand, according to its religious sense can divide roughly it is 6 kinds: Statue of great mind of Buddha Bodhisattva and dignitary; This honour the god that protect a law; Confess and hair wish; Charm is epigrammatic; Rectify chapter or paragraph Confusion classics; Taste for respecting.

Genre of style of according to art will distinguish Manishi is engraved, OK and wraparound it is 4 kinds: Around hides an area (include Lhasa, Day noise made in coughing or vomiting criterion, administer of place of the area austral hill more than 40 counties) the line, face, bas-relief that acquires 3 couple; Tibet east area (contain Jin Shajiang two sides) line range get rid of engraves image and this world to engrave cuss of the classics that open system; Of the area in A " introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad flavour " sculpture; The carved stone of bold and resolute and stone draw Cang Beiqiang pond.

From the Christian era 6, since 7 centuries, around Tibet area is the center that Tibetan politics, religion, economy lives all the time, also be the cradle that sculpture draws Cang Chuanfo teachs sundry standard to resemble all the time. The Buddha here, Bodhisattva and the person that accomplish greatly people lapidarian statue, present a Founder mostly of aid of gentle, firm soft posture article, the person that make watch arises spontaneously respect and admire and close mood. Ni Shi engraves the Ma here to still have another kind of feature, the form that is it then is made, the concomitant phenomenon of the conservative sex of content, style and choppy sex. The coherent He Yancheng that guards a gender to point to style of some kind of manner is like a day for years, and alleged and choppy sex is to show as each Luchaofo the team comes to Lhasa, Day noise made in coughing or vomiting criterionEnter sweet of fulfiling one's promise various places, each denomination many people the work that leave. These work account enter sweet person the journey, yinjinei is allowed and also cut a way disparate and terribly is dazzing, the Manishi that abounded around to hide an area engraves content.

Hiding northeast area is Tibet benzene teaching and Tibet pass buddhism to hold be in harmony concurrently and the region of harbour, in still having many dorp and farming herd family up to now, benzene of belief of one part person teachs, belief of one part person is Buddhist. Then same a Manilakang, in time time, somebody is right to circle a circle, somebody is left to turn classics, form the true picture that installs coexist.
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