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Summertime Tibet goes - accept wood wrong Mount Everest goes 8 days
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Course: Lhasa - " accept wood is wrong - "Day noise made in coughing or vomiting criterion- " Mount Everest base camp - "Day noise made in coughing or vomiting criterion- " Lhasa (whole journey 8 days)

D1: Arrive at Lhasa, but civil aviaton bus goes inside city, fare 20, the journey a hour. There are a lot of hotels inside city, accommodation condition is pretty good, have bid commonly, hot water is supplied 24 hours. Had better go that dayThe Potala PalaceThe doorway is booked the following day entrance ticket (the Id on the belt) . Arrive first without language, the clue that its serious and slow examination label reachs on the channel that only Tibetian boy is in an airport makes me impressive. Proved to hide a person to work to be in charge of seriously really finally, also really efficiency. . .

D2: Inside Lhasa city one day swims, I because the body is unwell, went only big clear temple (in the morning 9: 30 - 11: 30) andThe Potala Palace(3: 30 - 5: 30) , the friend that have fun at can play city completely more inside 1 - 2 places. Interesting is to be inThe Potala Palace, we are very fortunately become a batch of final that day visitors, the monk of one caboodle and soldier followed at the back of the result, we walk out of a room they lock up a room, a few detail let a person feel very commercialize, the Tibetan that there is orderly cue to do obeisance to Buddha inside the devotional knock dolichocephalic Tibetan before big clear temple and temple however lets a person be filled with deep esteem.

D3: Set out at 8 o'clock in the morning via the sheep 8 wells arrived at accept wood fault at 12 o'clock, through altitude the Tang Gu of 4900 helps mountain pass and elevation among of 5100 view and admire the mountain pass with accept wood wrong panoramic lake. Accept wood wrong lake is very beautiful, this kind of beauty need not use a language to convey at all, different person in heart squadron she has different explanatory note. Come back to there is a big careless field on accept wood wrong lakefront, form a pair of net to go up classical the drawing that Tibetan of water of flocks and herds of the blue sky Bai Yun that circulate, careless field, lake interweaves. Sheep 8 wells are a place that has hot spring, it is OK to if do not have,build power station the beautiful scenery that sees hot spring is ejective, whats cannot see at present nevertheless, have swim pool of a hot spring only. Unless you want to try downy hot spring swim, do not have otherwise too big necessary go.

D4: Set out at 8 o'clock in the morning run quicklyDay noise made in coughing or vomiting criterion, it is a scenery all the way, arrive midday
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