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Tibet gives a guideline (detail edition)
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A few scripts about Tibet ever also had read hurriedly before giving a Tibet, walk out of Tibetan ground after a few months when me when
Await, a lot of friends begin an inquiry to be about that in most person eye still is the circumstance of the ground of mysterious pretty barren.
The blue sky on highland, bai Yun, snow mountain, holy lake, the mystery that still Tibet passes buddhism and that downy nation is being sucked
Bringing the view of countless friends, the meeting is yearning perhaps walk into triode place of this world that be called.
In the Na Jiang of likewise old mystery, I begin to answer the question that a few friends prepare about entering Tibet along with all the others now.
Once had said to do not have what secret Ji Keyan into Tibet, need a few necessary psychology and corporeal preparation only just.
Tibet is to be in developing at full speed together with us, even its development speed meets those who be head and shoulders above you predict, so
Need not scared, also need not carry too much travelling bag on the back, unless you are,think sedulous self-abuse or ostentatious.
Good, him basis begins below a person is hiding an area of a few months experience conveniently to write down a few useful perhaps or
The thing of gibberish, discern and choose or want to rely on to prepare to receive Tibetan him authority.
-- the charge that enter Tibet
Military forces was not moved, army provisions go ahead of the rest.
Be not into Tibet to the middle of fokelore of all corners of the country in that way, walk along no less than Tibet without 10 thousand yuan expenditure.
If you are the lover of an outdoors motion or of a budget traveling have a fever friendly, so you take 1000 yuan completely
Can walk along another name for Yunnan Province easily to store a line.
The point is saved in Lhasa, back and forth 2000 yuan can finish two weeks or so absolutely enter Tibet simply itinerary.
The abecedarian has walked along plain Tibet, walk along Guo Linzhi, had walked along hill south, had walked along Mount Everest, had walked along A in, add return Lhasa and time
Domestic charge, if you are yourself,going, build a car more, little if renting a car, 10 thousand yuan expenditure enough supports you to be in Tibet
two months loaf about freely on highland.
A lot of this budget is right renting a car or following a group of course perhaps is the pay that backs 3 weeks two for travel a group of things with common features.
Unless you can stay in the big city such as Lhasa only,carry credit card, the deposit book that suggest otherwise or handles a postal deposit
, if have the size city of postal deposit, your OK and convenient extraction gives the money that stocks from personal different ground.
Those who need a specification is Mount Everest, camphorwood a gleam of, have onlyDay noise made in coughing or vomiting criterionCan take money, lion spring river is in A.
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