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The snow mountain in the plum is complete strategy (one)
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The snow mountain in the plum is complete strategy (one) author: 3 sides advocate

Geographical Geography

The snow mountain in the plum, the snow mountain in the plum is in river of dark blue of world-famous Jin Shajiang, billows, angry river " 3 rivers flow " area, it is the group of giant snow mountain of the trend austral a north, the snow mountain in boreal Duan Chenmei, the middle calls prince snow mountain, south Duan Chenbi Luo Xueshan, north connects Buddhist nun of case of Tibetan A winter hill, average height above sea level is in of 6000 meters of above have 13, say " prince 13 peaks " . The highest peak in a mountain range blocks made of baked clay Ge Bofeng, altitude 6740 meters, the east longitude 98.6 ° , north latitude 28.4 ° .
Climate Climate

The relief of this area is north Gao Na is low, river valley Xiang Na is opened wide, air current Ke Sugu and go up, suffer monsoon the impact is big, dry wet season is trenchant. Because perpendicular climate is apparent, mei Li's climate is fickle, fine of snow rain shade is in completely at the twinkling of an eye.
Monsoon is commonly between 7-8 month, january, 7-12 is spent by day, 2-5 is spent 0 in the evening. In November - in March, weather is very sunny.

The winter can have snow of a few the world, the likelihood brings about car to cannot pass through, the tourist that reason winter goes to can call to fly to place ahead of schedule situation of advisory weather of the past in temple plum, 0887-8416617.
Plant Plant

On vegetation division into districts, attribute kind of vegetation of Qinghai-Tibet Platean Gao Han, inside limited section, present a many plants that transfer by intertropical and northerly frigid zone to distributing bring music score. Altitude is controlled 2000 meters to 4000 meters, basically be by all sorts of dragon spruce forest the forest that form, on the side of the forest, having downy meadow of Yan Mian. On summertime meadow, hua Zhengji of mulberry of the countless cuckoo that call inglorious wild flower and full hill, case is fought colourful, eagerly in full bloom, be just as by overturn palette, on the tremendous green carpet that makes by forest, prairie, leave big very beautiful flowers.
Animal Animal

Snow mountain of distinctive low latitudinal glacier, daedal downy form, the four seasons is not divided and work wet apparent downy monsoon climate, make the snow mountain in the plum becomes the paradise of wild animal.

There is a state here leopard of animal of one class protection, Yun Bao, takin, 2 class protect racoon dog of animal blackbear, lesser panda, She, black musk deer, big civet, small civet, still have the white remaining part with rare precious a bit rainbow pheasant and pheasant quail, and pheasant of phoenix head eagle, Gong Sun, blood waits 113 kinds of lovely birds a moment. Magazine of American country geography labels his on the world 5 " final Sukhavati " one of.
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