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The snow mountain in the plum is complete strategy (2)
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The snow mountain in the plum is complete strategy (2) author: 3 sides advocate

Arrive with leave Getting There&Away
Plane By Air
Countrywide main city has the flight number of flying Kunming, and have a discount, kunming flies in pasture, 50 minutes, 680 yuan
Beijing, shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen, kunming, Chengdu, Tibet has the pasture in flying (sweet case lira) plane, the airliner can inquire 0887-8229916
Regular bus By Bus
Beautiful Jiang Zhizhong pasture (sweet case lira) for 200 kilometers, everyday 7:00-15:0Regular bus of 0 hair 3-5, fare 25 yuan.
In pasture (sweet case lira) it is 184 kilometers to De Qin everyday 7:20;8:20;9:20;12:00, 5 hours 33 yuan
Order of heart admire passenger station is expressed (the order has change along with season, can hit phone of heart admire passenger station to inquire 0887-8413129)
De Qin - 889km 11:0 of Kunming sleeper car0 hair car 182 yuan
De Qin - 510km 13:3 of Dali sleeper car0 hair car 104.3 yuan
De Qin - in sweet case lira cling to car 380km 7:30, 8:30, 12:00 hair car, 34 yuan
De Qin - in salt well cling to car 113km 08:00, 08:30 hair car, 35 yuan
De Qin - Ming Yongbing plain in cling to car 37km 15:00 hair car, 13 yuan
De Qin - Xidangwen in the spring cling to car 37km 15:00 hair car, 13 yuan
De Qin - dimension on the west in cling to car 227km 07:00 hair car, 50 yuan
De Qin - Ci Zhongzhong cling to car 81km 07:00, 14:00 hair car, 22 yuan
Drive vehicle-kilometer to count a watch to reach road condition oneself
Kunming - De Qin 889 kilometers blacktop

Li Jiang - De Qin 380 kilometers blacktop
In pasture - De Qin 182 kilometers blacktop
De Qin - fly temple 10 kilometers blacktop
De Qin - Xidangwen spring 51 kilometers blacktop
De Qin - Ming Yongbing plain 37 kilometers blacktop
De Qin - lunar bay gorge 32 kilometers blacktop
De Qin - hall of Ci culmination bishop 81 kilometers blacktop
De Qin - general of smooth canister river crosses the bridge 34 kilometers blacktop, one part is earthy road
De Qin - salt well 113 kilometers blacktop
On the way scene
From which pasture comes De Qin, from altitude 3000 meters leave height above sea level 2000 meters run quickly child column, return 3000 rice hind again, cross height above sea level the snow mountain of white boundless and indistinct of 4290, the beautiful scenery marvellous spectacle of on the way geological appearance diversity, biology diversity lets a person too many things to see.
Altitude of height above sea level
Snow mountain of white boundless and indistinct 4290, de Qin 3250, fly temple 3400, xidangwen spring 2200, mouth of Na Zong strip of land between hills 3700, rain dies on 3200, rain collapse 3050, divine waterfall 3400, laugh at Nongdaben battalion 3500, divine lake 4350.
Snow mountain watchs scene View Snow Mountain
The good season that views and admire the snow mountain in the plum is 10- - the wintry spring May, optimal season was October after the bottom, weather is sunny, air is clean, diaphaneity is tall, often can see the highest peak in a mountain range.
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