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Tibetan travel exceeds detailed strategy
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Tibetan travel exceeds detailed strategy! ! ! Author: 3 sides advocate

Important data and landscape

Area: Kilometer of 120 much square, population: 2.45 million the left and right sides, hide clansman mouth among them 2.09 million. The position: Be located in on the world the biggest highest Qinghai-Tibet Platean, average height above sea level 4 kilometre above, the Himalayas and India are lain between south, Nepalese, Sikkim, Bhutan, Burmese border on waiting for a country. The province area such as north and the eastpart part and Xinjiang, Qinghai, Sichuan, Yunnan is adjacent. Metropolis: Lhasa

Tibet passes buddhism

From the Christian era 7 centuries, pass into Tibet from and other places of Tangchao and India, through long-term development, all previous classics is labyrinthian, formed the basic religious doctrine that keeps Buddhist namely, have full-bodied Tibetian distinguishing feature again " Cang Chuanfo teachs " , namely the Lamaism that Tibetan mainland changes, and Lamaism politics the religious authority that teachs syncretic dominates to also continue to this century all the time the fifties.

Lamaism serves as regnant philosophy not only, also be in the mental home that became ordinary people in fact, it brought up the religious art of magnificent and culture, in the daily life that slips into people. Tibet passes Buddhist phylogeny to go up to form numerous denomination early or late, basically have 4 big groups at present, namely Gelupa (common weighs Huang Jiao) , Ning Ma is sent (common says red religion) , Sa Jia is sent (common says the flower teachs) , Ga starts a group (common says to teach in vain) .
Custom favor

Displaying hada is a kind of courtesy with the commonnest Tibetian. Section of marriage funeral espouse, folk-custom is celebrated, visit elders, do obeisance to Buddha, greet send guest to wait a circumstance a moment, want to display hada normally. Hada is goods of a kind of raw silk, accident is differ, displaying hada is the meaning that shows pure, sincere, loyalty to the person. From of old, tibetian thinks white is indicative chasteness, auspicious, so hada is white commonly.

Propose a toast tea: To Tibetian family be a guest, host can propose a toast, it is highland barley wine commonly. Highland barley wine is not the watery wine of classics distill, approximate yellow rice or millet wine, degree reachs 20 degrees 15 degrees. When Jing Xian's guest, the guest must sip first 3, every drink a host to want pour full, finally again drink to the lees one brimmer. Drinking tea is daily ceremony, the guest sits into house calm, housewife or children can come ghee tea, but the guest need not be carried by oneself drink, wait host is held in both hands the past just is received to drink before you, such, just calculate know courtesy.

Greet sb: When greeting sb with Tibetian person, add a " at the back of its name commonly " word, in order to show address sb respectfully, when travel road, do not grab in front of other, encounter surely first comity. Next, in dietary respect, still have feed malcontent mouth, chew save one's breath, drink do not make sound wait for custom.
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