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Present Tibetan strategy
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Snow region is downy, lake of snow mountain emperor, it is a lot of people's yearning heaven, its beautiful natural scene, secret religious culture, attracting each tourist deeply. But go Tibet still has a lot of places notable, this I enter Tibet, major time is very great, but among also had encountered little trouble, draw up my experience now come, draw lessons from for everybody, hope it will go out to bring referenced value all right henceforth to everybody.

Equip: The baggage that in Tibet the journey carries has been jumped over lesser, but must use quite. Knapsack is in 45 litres of above are OK, carry a waist pack again sufficient. The close-fitting goods such as cash and certificate is put in pocket.
The garment: Tibet because height above sea level is higher, integral air temperature relatively inland wants low, mix in accept wood fault especially this battalion should notice Mount Everest more. And 7, the monsoon that Tibet basically is at the beginning of September, arrived in September the middle ten days of a month, weather just can clear, should notice heat preservation more so, do not catch a cold. Systemic equipment, include upper outer garment, trousers, the shoe should have waterproof function. In monsoon, lhasa and Lin Zhi area are nightly and rainy, and eider down is taken reach catch sweat shirt to reach catch sweat pants, glove and cap are necessary. In Tibet, must wear climbing boot, it is some places road condition is very poor, protect a base, 2 be climbing boot is waterproof as better as warmth retention properties. Sleeping bag should be taken, tibet a lot of local accommodation conditions are not very good, some beds are very dirty, in the sleeping bag that sleeps in oneself heat preservation, wholesome. Unless camp, otherwise, moistureproof mat can be not taken, slipper must want to take.

Feed: Now Chinese meal house of Tibet basically is Sichuan person those who leave. You can spend breakfast what a few yuan of money eat in small shop is very full, lunch and dinner can stir-fry, price too won't expensive. Lhasa shares 3 office is the place that basically takes Chinese meal, one place is on the west outskirt, namely yak bronze with be being taken on the west, here leavesThe Potala PalaceNot far, basically be with Sichuan chaffy dish is given priority to; The 2nd place is the road austral woman heat is taken, on the side of civil aviaton booking office, there also is shop of a few plain foods to be able to try over there. (Do not go the hamburger snack on this road, extremely insipid) ; The 3rd place is the road in Beijing go up and Beijing east on the road 8 corridor learn hotel to come inferior a paragraph among guesthouse, also have the plain dish house of a few wife and children.

As to Tibet, Tibet eat is mixedNepaleseEat, can go inferior the ridge of guesthouse pulls Mei Duo public house, the dining-room of strange ox salon by auspicious day hotel or bar of Ma Ji Ami. And
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