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Tibetan self-help swims whole strategy
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The first day: Swim temple of mussel of Lhasa museum, Luobulinka, sagacious. Museum involves Lhasa history, have free recording tourist guide, the Luobulinka on museum is Panchen summer palace. Sit 3 fair steam go sagacious mussel temple.
The following day: Temple of salad temple, 8 outline street, big clear, urban district. Young crossing sits 5 fair steam arrive salad temple.
The 3rd day: The Potala Palace, medical king hill rub cliff carved stone. Red palace is past dynasties amounts to Lai Ling tower, the White House is office place. 9: 00 open the door later, when the tourist guide needs probably 3, 4 hours. Medical king hill can take view of cloth palace the setting sun.
The 4th day: Pleasant red temple. In the morning 6: 00 have one to wade in square of big clear temple the regular bus of pleasant red temple, go back and forth between person of 30 yuan of / . 6: 40 drive, 9: 30 arrive. Pleasant red temple is Huang Jiao one of 3 big fane, have a lot of around fane about ancestor noise made in coughing or vomiting cling to the god is slash.

The 5th day: Chu Busi. In the morning 7: 30 take regular bus to square of big clear temple, 8: 00 hair car, 12: 00 arrive, person of 25 yuan of / . 14: 30 toward answer, 18: 30 return big clear temple.

Day noise made in coughing or vomiting criterion
Square of big clear temple hasDay noise made in coughing or vomiting criterionregular bus, in the morning 7: 30, need 5 hours. Rent a car going is commonly 3, 5 days, most car is Feng Tian, bag fare is used 500, day of 700 yuan of / , driver board and lodging no matter. GoDay noise made in coughing or vomiting criterionCan go the long way round crossing of course mulberry Ye, go mulberry Ye temple, ferry wants first bargain, make a round trip commonly 15 yuan. After crossing a Brahmaputra, sit Xiaoba goes in the temple, road of half hours of hill, arrive in the evening south hill county.

Go in the morning the following day harmony Bulakang, the return trip goes prosperous bead temple sees pearl Tang Ka. Fold next go Jiang Zi, peak of Yong Hu of eminent of sheep of by way of, goddess, drive Jiang Zi to county pass the night. Pull hill, Ka Rela hill, Si Mi to pull reservoir of hill, Jiang Zi through Kang Ba, reach river Zi town. You Bai resides a temple, see 100 thousand tope. It is Zong Shan fort is fought on the hill opposite side flower relics.

Arrive from Jiang ZiDay noise made in coughing or vomiting criterionNeed 3, 4 hours. FromDay noise made in coughing or vomiting criterionHave go the long-distance car of camphorwood, frontier defence card can go Mount Everest, or therefrom goesNepalese
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