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The line austral plain Tibet rides a reference
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Plain another name for Yunnan Province entered Tibet in August (union)----Store a line newly
Contributor: The Don green bird is relevant scene area: Sichuan Tibet (textual link)
It is this second travel course and amuse oneself tourist attraction below, the hope can get friend tries to revise and give directions having the ass of experience,


D1: Arrive at Chengdu to intend the work.

D2: Chengdu---Lu is decided---Health calm
Station of the door austral Chengdu (Feng Shuang day) go to health calm, daily there are 3 in the morning, fare 115 yuan. Whether be health linger surely according to swimming Cheng and calm, admire on the way plain on the west Campagna scene, city of rain of classics of You Chengya high speed is elegant how, the say 2 man mountain that has natural moat to element along Qing Yijiang, pass through channel of 2 bright hill (at present China is buried deep the first. Project of length first tunnel) , arrive at Lu to decide, visit Lu of Chinese history famous city to decide iron chain bridge. Cross a river greatly. Touch after health calm.
Old: Kang Dingzhao needs place 20 yuan

D3: Health calm---Elegant river - manage pond - paddy city
Health send a car everyday to paddy city surely, fare 125 yuan, paddy city comes inferior regular bus of Ding You brigade 110 yuan one-way (busy season just leaves) , rent a car 2 days 700 yuan reach 1000 yuan (occupy a model and decide, it is Beijing jeep and Qienuoji commonly. The driver eats, live provide for oneself) . Yadingmen ticket 120 yuan, equestrian 130 yuan (Long Long dam reachs Cong Yading the Luo Rongniu field of hill of 3 gods foot of a hill, the place is paddy city inferior the place of fourth marrow. .
Civilian house reachs old paddy city 20 yuan 40 yuan

D4: Paddy city / strong Gu Si
Set out to come by the car in the morning tribute mountain temple. Day covers with tiles countryside passes through Kang Gu gorge, hill way is not quite good had not gone on the way the scenery is extremely beautiful, watch mystery caboodle, enter " to read aloud " of hill of god of cloth of loose tribute of Qing Gongga day. (altitude 3900- - 4100 meters) live
Hide a characteristic civilian house

D5: Inferior Ding Yi day swims old: Hide a characteristic civilian house
Equestrian You Xian is day of snow mountain - snow mountain of summer much auspicious - center strides Yong Xueshan - Luo Rongmu field - Zhuo Ma pulls arrange, 5 kinds of seas wait to hide a characteristic civilian house

D6: Strong ancient / paddy city
After You Xian setting out to be the precious Zhuhai below Phoebus hill after breakfast equestrian and downhill. Knock fastens divine hill, equestrian to inferior fourth, watch on the way scene, view forestry centre of 10 thousand mus of Cathay poplar, Gu Longhe is seaborne fall, bath examines calorie of hot spring like cloth, observe folkway folk custom. Stay in Tibetan home characteristic civilian house

D7: Paddy city---Country city (scene of river valley of river of music of 152km) road You Shuo, brown bear channel, anonymous snow mountain (4600 meters) Sang Duimin house, rush about temple (teach in vain) , Ru Bu of city of Sang Duicao former scene, paddy checks calorie of hot spring to live
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