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How many money can go Tibet?
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How many money can go Tibet? Author: 02973163

How many money can go Tibet? 2006 7, August, the quote of a lot of travel agent of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou is in 8800 yuan or so. If you had studied advertisement carefully, you can discover again, these money are only enough you go to Lhasa and an area around. Of course, the green Tibet railroad that the one part of this time of journey can long for day and night from you certainly has gone.

I live in Nanjing. My off have 20 days. My plan total cost is highest cannot exceed me to want immediately in one's hand that bonus -- after duty 13000 yuan. And, I want perfect free ride!

I, lanzhou has boudoir sweet diehard followers, chengdu has college fellow student, chongqing has elder sister of iron of iron elder brother people! Want to spend the money of a piece of one-way airline ticket only, arrived edge of a field, hey, the thing that is them completely!

Accordingly, consider again more from time, money, physical strength, journey, my original plan is to arrive first Lanzhou, fly or lie all but, you Ganna prairie and that not arris temple, the train boards after two days, lie forcedly or soft sleeper all but, all the way scene of along the line of railroad of the full Tibet that see blueness, more than 30 hour hind arrive at Lhasa, linger 8 days in Tibetan churchyard, the plane answers Chengdu or Chongqing, visit friend to give priority to, 2, Nanjing is flown back to after 3 days.

By the market total value is calculated, the far road transportation of my perfect plan expends defray to had been close to 6000 yuan to close greatly. Too expensive! I hate to part with money of beautiful so much injustice!

Search oneself concern net, discover gladly, lhasa of the eliminate in afore-mentioned circuitry, set out from Nanjing or answer Nanjing, I can be in the busy season of summer vacation time of airline, take minimum the 6 airline ticket that lose!

Flat perhaps sit does red ball arrive Lanzhou? Lie forcedly to want 400 yuan to be less than only, the time on the road is 22 hours, can bear basically in me in limits.

Calculate so, even if back and forth by air harbor of Nanjing of pass in and out, I also can save traffic to expend 1000 multivariate! If leave Nanjing by train, ha, I can be saved more 2000 multivariate!

Announce a plan and begin to carry out. The blueness of the person that big package takes two new person of the same trades greatly hides railroad ticket, The Potala PalaceEntrance ticket. Be being fried hotly is one and the same, eight saints go across the sea, eaching shows special prowess is other one thing, right incorrect? I am certain to my boudoir honey not doubt.

In advance the announcement of 10 the world. After 5 days, boudoir honey transmits a sad news of the death, can assure the ticket of my individual first only, postpone of two my unfamiliar companions or flat without giving thought to. More annoying is, because herself fears downy reaction, face blast flee, cancel viatic plan!
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