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Drive 10 thousand lis of travel oneself -- 2006 walk into Tibet (small stick per
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Drive 10 thousand lis of travel oneself -- 2006 walk into Tibet (small stick person) author: Ai Xi

Result slightly piece:

Walk circuit auspicious see travel notes: Drive 10 thousand lis of travel oneself -- 2006 walk into Tibet, bring to everybody again below a few small stick person, the hope can give walk Tibetan friend brings a help.

On April 28, 2006, we on a 3 chariot mountain-climbing Tibetan brigade, target Lhasa, Mount Everest.

Circuit: Shanghai sets out the line austral plain Tibet enters Tibet, green Tibet line returns. Head office Cheng 10600 kilometers, last a period of time 26 days.

Model number age paragraph

A Che Fengtian is overbearing 4 people 25 -- 30

2 cars Great Wall breaths out person of Buddha 3 35 -- 40

3 Che Xuefo will develop force 3 people 45 -- 50

The preparation before setting out:

1, automobile articles for use:
Card of royalities of boat of cost of card of Id, driver's license, travel, maintain a road, car, insurance, purchase cost add, insurance policy.
Reserve gasoline tank, reserve tool of spare wheel of the key, compass, spare wheel, transhipment of through cargo, embryo is pressed plan, kit of emergency treatment of card of triangle of trailer rope, jack, accident, glove, engine oil, car.

Reserve we did not use gasoline tank, have all the way cheer, gas station is in an oil to add full enough to arrive at the 2nd site.

We did car overhaul twice, first time Chengdu, to walk along plain Tibet the line does car to be checked in the round. The 2nd Lhasa, to go up Mount Everest does car overhaul.

2, communication:

(1) GPS navigation very be necessary, but believe GPS not overly also sometimes, note road sign even, GPS sometimes information has lag. We during transit one freeway exit should issue a freeway, but a car still did not run, 2 cars are urgent after call, avoided a mistake. Be in so freeway exit, GPS shows still have 2 kilometers from exit. Still have, in some out-of-the-way place GPS the search does not arrive, still want to use the most primitive method ask the way. On the way detailed map is necessary.

(2) car stage, hand stage: Photograph interconnection is between the car that accompany travels together very be necessary, but want to notice, please deputy drive the station that use a hand, advocate drive absorption drive, go on plain Tibet line on the way cliff, elbow ramp, the look is not gotten the least bit and abstracted.

(3) the mobile phone suggests to use mobile communication, uniCom arrived Tibet has Lhasa only, Day noise made in coughing or vomiting criterionWait for the urban district to have signal, the others place all does not have signal

3, medicines and chemical reagents: Bubble of C of red red-spotted stonecrop, dimension is vacated piece, Sha Xing of fluorine of element of patulin, Huang Lian, Nuo, fragrance must, patulin, American ginseng, antiphlogistic medicine, achieve can stick, eyedrop.
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