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Tell you a true Lhasa (the ass that enters Tibet to first time)
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Tell you a true Lhasa (the ass that enters Tibet to first time) author: A person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct swims western

Be in Lhasa, my former thinks he won't tap keyboard, because the thing of too much beauty thinks collect carefully,be in bottom of the heart;

Be in Shanghai, I or on the weekend afternoon, outside the window that looking at dusky, recall that sacred ground and that day of lucid dark blue;

This momently I return Lhasa again, by the side of foreign river of if overflow Yu Ni, pedestrian fall in Mount Everest foot, small rest in downy lakefront. . . . . . .

The in August the last ten-day of a month 2006, the travel of Tibet of 16 days is destined is those who surmount the heart is itinerary, need is savoured with very long time once more, this wanting that the time that uses a week quietly will finish whole and itinerary memory, but in city the portion is then Bacchic the Tibet that lets me can tell me with insipid language place is experienced only, the journey that is you offers practical proposal.

(one) , Tibetan journey

Want to go Tibet, that is the thing two years ago; Because of a variety of reasons, defer arrived this year; This wanting that embarked on a journey in July, still can be forced finally to cancel, meet and discuss also can leave many times. By July at long last the road to happiness full of hardships, defined the plan that submitted Tibet in August.

Discussing the journey is not a very easy thing, because need coordinates the idea of each respect. The course discusses for many times, decided one is compared finally perfect itinerary. If a person counts on him to be able to play Tibet into Tibet for the first time, grade Tibet, unless he has big big time, otherwise such idea can be day square night talks only. Take Tibetan person to first time, very realistic think of a way mixes the tourist attraction of a few convention first namely route goes.

Travel in Tibet, can be core with Lhasa, by here radiation goes out, the line that basically can have 4 routine chooses for you: It is that wood fault that appreciates holy lake landscape, arrive from Lhasa that wood is wrong, you can choose that day contact, but such journey needs under the canopy of the moon and the stars-work or travel night and day, back and forth about the same 8-9 the car Cheng of the hour; If want to watch sunrise and sunset, had better be the tent in holy lakefront sleeps on one evening, but 4700 meters altitude and rare oxygen let a lot of traveler flinch, so if physical strength is general, still choose like me that day contact, such more some more conservative;

2 it is the Lin Zhi line that comprehends Tibetan Changjiang Delta, arrive from Lhasa Lin Zhi, visit the groovy tourist attraction such as Ba Song fault to need two days only, but if you think of real taste of Tibet a few distinctive, you still are the time that gives your 1 day more, the scene of such rash man grazing land that you can admire those who have small Switzerland to say, over you can sample earthy chicken, look at snow mountain, enjoy that alone cent is halcyon; You still can cycle or rent a car go double Jiang Hui is poured out of, you can admire along the road to silver coin to the Buddhist nun the scene with distinctive river, there is true Tibetan over there, still have the sheep is put on the heart, although the road of contact is not so even, but on the way beautiful scenery enough shakes your heart; Go on the road of rash man grazing land lucky word still can see Na Jia Ba Wafeng, witness China's most beautiful mountain peak; OK also of course by ship or houseboat goes watching big gorge, but some more floriferous silver, because the Yangtse River has looked before be the first evening, we did not go a boat, of course the passing traveler that we also did not become groovy tourist attraction, what increased one day however is itinerary, this day of content exceeds a value: If did not see rash man grazing land that is rural and epic the scene like and Buddhist nun foreign river the beauty of that islands type, I won't remember Tibetan Changjiang Delta possibly; But because had seen these, I know the Changjiang Delta here is the scene with Tibetan peculiar place.
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