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Tibetan journey begins pair of Feng Tian 4500 say not
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Have been to Tibetan traveller to know, 4500 cross-country cars are in Japanese Feng Tian the part that the old acts as all the time in Tibetan journey. But quicken as what in recent years Tibetan highway builds, the road condition of a lot of places has been not former times to compare today, most a section of a highway is average cross-country car also can be compared pass through smoothly. For example plain Tibet line (include north to turn south line) , whole journey 2000 more than kilometer, relative to poorer a section of a highway also with respect to 100 much kilometers. That blueness stores a line with respect to prep let alone, poorer a section of a highway adds in in 1900 more than kilometer do not exceed 30 kilometers, lhasa goes Mount Everest also has only finally the earthy road of 90 kilometers (general and cross-country car all can safe conduct) , lhasa goes accept wood fault, go Lin Zhi, go south hill, that more call a level road. So, go now Tibet travels, 4500 model the first selection that the car has been everybody no longer, because be done not have completely necessary in this above the price with very high pay. In busy season, 4500 model cross-country car (true model, car age is in 6 years in) , every kilometer price reachs 7.5 yuan in 5.5 yuan between (read a line) , old money 4500 cars (car age is in 10 years of above, the cropland that contain abundant 60, 80 model car) the price is met a few lower. And common cross-country new car price reachs 5 yuan in 3 yuan however between, so tourist nature can pay close attention to sexual price to be appropriate model quite. Go to Lhasa viatic choice is cross-country the vehicle is right, travel for long after all need a relatively comfortable space and larger baggage shipping space, but the money in him bag still gets him a move, this are managing still want managing.

The another reason with 4500 cross-country increasingly low in traveler heart cars, namely before some year as a result of 4500 be popular, che Lingchao crosses a lot of inland 15 years even old car of 20 years is cleaned out Lhasa, the customer is drawn with respect to start off after maintaining spray paint simply, frequency of the breakdown in result journey is sent, bring tourist complaints are heard everywhere. Individual and undesirable individual driver returns a Feng Tian 60 model, 80 model the car says is 4500 model, raise the price a lot of, let unidentified be duped with respect to the tourist in. The car that has some of individual driver especially did not ask to buy relevant insurance to car by the country, once appear car cause trouble, the tourist has to be less than due compensation possibly, the loss is redeemed hard.

If brother has consumptive capacity, must appoint 4500 cross-country cars of Japanese to be a journey drive with showing the capacity creditable, that also supports a move to you, when renting a car, be must see car " travel charter " , there is car age, model introduction above, be not given to cheat by overage car or other model; The 2nd should see car whether buy car all insurance, lest encounter the driver when cause trouble to say to do not have ability compensate to pay you, you are about to cry without the tear; The 3rd car that still must looking is the formal car company that rent, if encounter a trouble,at least can find a form of address formally used by an employee to his employer or a tenant-peasant to his landlord to denounce a justice. The 41st should sign formal, detailed contract with the other side surely, pair circuit, stay on the way, it is clear that car uses time power to make decisions and charge to be listed.
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