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Dah Sing International Tourism Festival border near 2.7 billion yuan contract
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October 30, the two-day fifth Chongzuo (Germany days) International Cultural Tourism Festival in border Daxin County, closed. Tourism Festival is to promote tourism projects Daxin County, and promote good-neighborly friendship and further promote the Sino-Vietnam Friendly cooperation. At 9:00 on the 29th, the Dah Sing Mingshi rural area, 100 participated in "Mingshi Cup" International cross-country bike out of the starting line players such as an arrow. These players from around the country and Vietnam, Thailand, Laos And other countries. 30 am, held in the scenic countryside Mingshi Detian board about Vietnam tourism cooperation zones Falls International Seminar, attended by experts and scholars to the board about the more de-day international tourism cooperation Falls area "pulse," " Finishing Point ", Germany and Vietnam on the day board area around the waterfall development model of international cooperation in tourism and the basic path, function, management, commerce and tourism development in areas such as coordination of seminars. In the meantime, also held including" Mingshi Cup "original folk song contest, Dah Sing cuisine contest, to discuss the project signing ceremony. Daxin County government and four companies signed a total investment of nearly 2.7 billion project agreement.
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