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Development of red tourism project in Zaozhuang City red and strengthen the cu
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November 14, Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province reporter learned that the tourism sector, Zaozhuang features fully integrated cultural resources, increase the force of the revolution were a reasonable historical and cultural heritage protection, development and utilization of industrial advantages into full play the red culture, and vigorously promote Red sustained, rapid and healthy cultural industry development. Zaozhuang red rich historical and cultural resources, planning and development of the red cultural industry projects, the anti-Japanese base areas around Baodu Gu, railway guerrillas, Taierzhuang war, launched a series of red and cultural protection, development and utilization activities. Red for the bigger and stronger cultural industry projects, the organization declared a red tourism project. This year in April, China launched a second phase of the project area Red Classics, Zaozhuang City, site of the Eighth Route Army Bao Dugu project has been included in the anti-Japanese base areas to the second phase of the classic red tourism attractions national list of candidates. This year, Shanting District Committee of the CPC Publicity Department and other units of the special interview group, which lasted more than three months, 115 Eighth Route Army division to advance to Baodu Gu Bao Dugu and create anti-Japanese base areas as the center of the main line Lunan, the United produced film "Towering Baodu" television and feature films. At the same time, editing and publishing the "115th Division in the Baodu" a book. Survey team composed of the former site of the region to repair the red revolution, and listing protection. August of this year to commemorate the 115th Division of the 71 anniversary of advancing Baodu Gu Mountain War 65th anniversary seminar was successfully held, and further established a revolutionary base of the mountain Bao Dugu historical status and role. And founder of the anti-Japanese base areas the Eighth Route Army Bao Dugu site content to the red of revolution, the red revolutionary site, memoirs, and a lot of natural landscape map, history and old photos based. According to Bao Dugu Lunan anti-Japanese base areas for the center will serve as the classic red tourism attractions include the State to support the project, determined to Bao Dugu area as the center and closer to the eight scenic spots from the Bao Dugu 115 Army division headquarters, cadres at the former site of the anti-Japanese Training of farmers, Chen, Luo Ronghuan old home as the center, the construction of the main memorial. Meanwhile, the main memorial for the center, organize anti-Japanese base building construction, army building, government building, site of four action projects. Currently, the anti-Japanese base areas in Zaozhuang City, site of the Eighth Route Army Bao Dugu project has been included in the overall construction of the national red tourism planning, Bao Dugu anti-Japanese base areas, railway guerrilla war Taierzhuang old haunt, the military park Tengzhou red line between the tourist attractions , the effective integration of resources, effectively promote the city's "War Hero City" of the tourism culture of a brand.
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