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Southern Group spent 6.0 billion to maintain the original ecological tourism ar
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Following the repair of commercial housing, engage in education, pig, the Southern Sun Group Chairman Lin even has a new action. At yesterday's Guizhou, Zunyi City Investment Promotion and Tourism Development at the South Group and formally signed in Zunyi City Tongzi County, South Group will invest 60 billion 10 years development of scenic silence. 6.0 billion made tourist attractions in Guizhou Tongzi county government in accordance with the South Group and signed a contract to develop the project in the local area will reach 280 square kilometers, including the scenic development, hotel construction and tourism real estate project to create a total investment of 60 billion. "The area to build is completed, no less than the Huangguoshu Falls." Lin said even Sun. Big Lou silence Township is part of the central mountain range, 168 kilometers from Chongqing City, Chongqing City, starting from just two hours. Silence the alpine karst landscape within rural canyon hills, the highest peak is 1,917.17 meters above sea level, there are dozens of acres virgin forest, the township more than 70% forest cover, rich wood, bamboo, flowers, paint, herbs, mushrooms, wild etc., as well as coal and other minerals. Developed into a bright spot to maintain the original ecological Yu Ding, general manager of the South Group, introduced the local Although there is no waterfall, but the original grassland has large areas of original forest. Particularly evident in the local karst, Rock Hill, peaks, caves are widely distributed, the cave will be the focus of the development landscape. It is reported that after signing the contract, the South Group will organize experts to conduct relevant feasibility studies, baked specific area plan. "We want to show the local original scene." Lin said even Sun. It describes high-level South Group, Sun and even become attached to the forest and Tongzi project groundbreaking ceremony at a friend. At that time, Sun is very Linyi Liang relative to the local government's investment team "aiming" on the county, secretary of the repeated action. Looked at the local large tracts of virgin forest, forest very heart of the Sun. "The two county leaders personally Tongzi County spent two days with me, walk through forests, climb the highest mountain." This allows Sun Lin was very moved, "there is no way, too primitive. Down the mountain , two local leaders are sick, one of our executives into the hospital.
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