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Rural tourism tickets on sale tomorrow
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Tomorrow, Beijing residents are nicknamed "the outskirts of Beijing tourism ticket" in Beijing (Tianjin Hebei) culture of leisure and tourism attractions in the City, the major parks in cards on sale. Office of tickets issued, according to introduction, New Year's 2011 vote on the elderly and students over the age of 60 still to implement special offer, for only 60 yuan each; unlimited number of times throughout the year can be reused; restricted area of card is canceled, regardless of holidays , weekends, people can travel card; In addition, Beijing 2011 (Jin Ji) Year cards to join the Beijing area alone, 54 scenic areas, compared to 27 Scenic when starting, the number has been doubled. For the joining area, absorbed in 2011 more new 4A level scenic spots to join, such as Mount St. Lin, Jietai and so on. At present, the card contained in the 4A area in as many as 10. In addition, the public safety of agricultural products can spend with your Card Service Center in Beijing, the safety of agricultural products to enjoy 8 to buy discount; food in a safe online shopping experience 8 discount,; by the year card also farmers in suburban Beijing 500 Hospital of discount consumer (inspection details Beijing tourism ticket network www.bjlynp.com). 2011 Beijing (Tianjin Hebei) culture and leisure tourism attractions card contains Tianjin, Hebei area and joined in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei will gradually join the concessions business tourism in Beijing tickets online.
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