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Sports Tourism Fair: 1.58 million in luxury cars into the exhibition highlights
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In the outdoor exhibition area, Haikou Exhibition Center of water sports and camping car exhibition on display numerous high-end cars, car, yacht, sailing and fishing equipment, also won a number of public concern. In the water sports and camping car exhibition, a total of more than 20 vehicles on display luxury cars, the number of vehicles brand cars, yachts, sailing and fishing equipment. Which the United States, Germany and other five well-known brand car and camping equipment business and has lived in Central Europe, Yu Tai, Continental Bank, nearly 20 domestic car companies to show. A value of 1.58 million of which U.S. Chevrolet Grand luxury cars have become highlights of the original house, attracted many people waiting in line experience. According to reports, the car can accommodate 8 people to rest, seats, the equivalent of a bus, there are luxurious combination of toilet, separate shower, combined kitchen, comfortable bedrooms and heating system and other advanced configurations, and also according to customer requirements user-friendly configuration, ideal for leisure travel. In addition, the four yachts, sailboats, fishing boats are also actively participating businesses, providing a series of yachts, sailing introduction, and canoeing, sailing, tents, fishing and other professional fishing exhibits, attracting more attention and participation of fishing community activities.
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