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The mystery of koradji
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The Zang nationality below controls in primitive religion sense first civilian people think: No matter be to be in the sky, underground or it is water in, it is deities, and temporal also take orders from of all without exception at these deities. In the process that develops in the mankind, ceaseless illusion can control people and affect external object and partial nature phenomenon, arose then sacred with wizard activity, koradji also appears subsequently. Regard Tibetian as primitive religion the koradji of sacred compere, can open a mind allegedly, and can communicate with ghosts and gods, above amounts to next popular wishes, lifelike aim; Can foretell good fortune of misfortune of good or ill luck, the dispel that divide calamity is ill; Still can be engaged in ghost of fetch of omen, augur, applying call together, drive waiting wizard. They are the bridge between person and god and agency, enjoy very great prestige.
However, as time elapse, we are right all sorts of circumstances of koradji, wait like name, inheritance, dress, musical instruments used in a Buddhist or Taoist mass, altar, abracadabra, wizard, augur, nearly utterly ignorant. Be in a certain out-of-the-way place probably, withheld more or less a few be close to the appearance at primitive religion koradji relatively, remain we make an on-the-spot investigation further.

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