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Tibetian entertainment guest is consuetudinary
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Tibetian entertainment guest is consuetudinary

Tibetian people is hospitable, when receiving a visitor with highland barley wine, full wine pours in preexistence goblet, end arrives before the guest, at this moment, the guest should have received goblet with both hands, take single-handed next cup, the middle finger of another hand is extended into the cup, dip in gently, with big toe and middle finger Chao Tianyi is played, means respects deity, next, come the 2nd times again, the 3rd, respect the ground, Jing Fo respectively. The generosity that this kind of traditional habit is the antecedents that reminds people liquor and day, ground, Buddha bestows cent does not leave, reason is in before enjoying wine, want to respect deities first. When greeting a visitor host is divided dip in with the hand wine is played 3 times outside, fight in food crops even in catch a bit highland barley, throw away 3 times to the middle of sky.

When drink, its agree custom is: Drink first, host pours wine pour full glass immediately, drink the 2nd again, again pour is full, drink the 3rd then, next again pour is full. In the future, have to brimmer wine a drink to the lees. Such doing, master ability feels guest have a good opinion of he, the guest is drunk morer, host is gladder. Explain master fermented glutinous rice has been gotten. When Tibetan a group of things with common features proposes a toast, use dock-glass or big bowl commonly to male guest, respect female passenger to use cannikin or small bowl.

When drinking tea, the guest must wait for host to hold tea in both hands before ability stretchs his hand had received drinkable, think otherwise discourteous. When having a meal, pay attention to feed malcontent mouth, chew save one's breath, drink do not make sound, choose feed do not jump over dish. Entertain a guest with hotpot, a pork that with the sheep spinal bottom brings a rear is expensive, want to respect the guest that respects most. One tuft white hair wears on tail flesh even when making, in order to show lucky.

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