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Delicate cate is in Lhasa
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The Lhasa of much flavour

Lhasa is the place with best condition of whole Tibet board and lodging. Its are prandial and main cent is Tibetan dish, plain dish and Western-style gust, the dining-room inside a few inn also is supplied at the same timeNepaleseWith Indian dish. The price photograph of every food shop if, price of alone plain dish is more expensive than inland.

Current, tibet travels commonly restaurant all can provide goluptious meal service to tourist. Travel restaurant, dish is given priority to with plain dish. Lhasa holiday hotel, can provide the Western-style food that suits foreign tourist taste; Shan Naze is become restaurant, can make authentic Guangdong food; Buffet already became fashion in each restaurant. Each restaurant all can make the cooked food Tibetan type that does not provide local color. Mix for convenient tourist assure meal quality, lhasa, Day noise made in coughing or vomiting criterion, lustre when and other places, all have the travel gust cafeteria that approves start via travel department.

Western-style restaurant compares much Beijing road at the tourist centrally mostly, almost the dining-room of every inn supplies Western-style food. Among them 8 bright the Western-style food that learns place of hotel dining room to supply, level not common, be worth to try; The dining-room of snow region hotel is nostalgic mood is very good. Snow Luo Bulin blocks a side, face the firm auspicious dining hall of square of big clear temple, supply Tibetan dish to give priority to, although the steak of bad news tenderloin here is strange pliable but strong is clinking, do not cross the inapproachable vista of dining-room of this 2 buildings, be worth to sit really, one crock black tea, a bottle of beer, add a boiled dumpling Tibetan type again, photograph of all living creatures of big clear temple, enough settle on letting a person a long time.

Partial inn have as an attached institution hides type cafeteria, if the word of dig down of be willing to part with or use, the road in be located in Beijing, in front of Budala " snow god palace " it is excellent choice, eat authentic Tibet eat to want more than 100 yuan, the unripe beef here can be divided mix juice and airing have a way two kinds.

   Lhasa 4 treasure

Flesh of ghee, tea, roasted qingke barley flour, flocks and herds, of food of the Tibet that be called " 4 treasure " , still have highland barley wine and various milk products.

Ghee comes out from the abstraction in grandma of ox, sheep. The method of Tibetan abstraction ghee is very simple, the milk juice is added a little lukewarm, enter big cask next inside, the lash that makes a round trip about a hundred times, straight agitate gets grease to depart, later, float a above flaxen aliphatic dip rises hold leather bag, ghee was become after refrigeration. Ghee has very high nutrition value, a lot of planting have a way, but main is to be used at making ghee tea.
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