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Hide the headstream of eat and development
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Storing food is a general designation that people reachs dish of broad Tibet area to nod to Tibet, a bit more specific say, should be the floorboard of the Tibetian meal that is a delegate with Lhasa Tibet eat.

   Hide the origin of type cook


It is before early early, the ancestor that hides a nation lives on this land. At that time the life of people is very pallet, cold cease at the hole in, heat up a Chao Yushu to go up, live eat raw birds and animals, hang the life of flix of leaf, garment. People is in the lengthy difficult process that develops Qinghai-Tibet Platean, now and then the action that discovered natural fire, begin to withhold kindling, then is invented again get wood to take internal heat, from now on, people by unripe feed change to cooked food, the first phase that completed cook.

Apply along with what catch fire, of the production of ceramic invention, bronze and dressing appear, experience igneous boil, stone boil, contented boil, copper boil, iron boil each history phase, craft day fine, horizontal day is entered, the ancestor of Tibetian person left cruel food lives, entered civilized cook period. When us when the development course of culture of food of perambulatory Tibet nation, discover the every time society on Tibetan history to change, can bring the progress of cook Tibetan type.

According to textual research, the Christian era 6 centuries are the age that first time of technology of Tibetan food cooking produces bigger change. Its reason has: Barium of emperor chasm pen is able to bear or endure Tang Chen of  of collect  ü is grey child Gao of closely question of leg sex  takes off buy of  of  of the Bei that invade Ru this  of act of dream of  of Zhui drought wood melt sole  chops Duo  to return offspringing Gou of Shan of coil of ⒋ of eye  ā melt Yun of Da Gu of the Song Dynasty

Tibet hides type cook the 2nd times to develop level is 18 centuries, this one period is clear Chao Guangxu's emperor regnant period, clear acting banquet developed the condition of reach the limit, its are phyletic, of dimensions big, of dish big, of cook elegant state hard, appeared at that time of banquet most -- " Man Hanquan banquet " . Communicate as economic culture later, the come-and-go of the member that hide the Han people, outback food culture passed into Tibet silently. Tibetan clansman says at that time " Man Hanquan banquet " for " fine contest Liu Jiaojie " , means Chinese feed 18. Be in at that time Lhasa, Jiang Zi, Day noise made in coughing or vomiting criterionWait for all sorts of vegetable on face of street of town of military importance Tibetan an area, melon and fruit, kitchen utensils and appliances, appliance begins much rise, a few simpler cooking technologies also circulate folk, effectively promoted the development of Tibetan cooking technology.
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