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China pays attention to the whole world that defeat solution calefacient the con
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"Answer the whole world calefacient global Qinghai-Tibet Platean environment changes, we must scientific data analysis and reasonable proposal. " 5 days of hot evening are in vice-chairman of standing committee of countrywide National People's Congress when Lhasa interviews the scientist after just ending to undertake making an on-the-spot investigation to glacier of churchyard of the Xizang Autonomous Region, say. What he hopes experts combine Qinghai-Tibet Platean to develop is actual, continue to had been developed " give advice " and " brain truster " action.

Know the whole world for development calefacient the series issue that affects to Qinghai-Tibet Platean environment, what 19 people comprise wait to make an on-the-spot investigation by academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, researcher before this group, to Mount Everest east glacier of flannelette glacier, arrange of that bitter fleabane undertook the spot make an on-the-spot investigation. And the vice-chairman of standing committee of countrywide National People's Congress of Tibetan survey heats up the ground, took out time technically to interview these experts.

In recent years, because the whole world is calefacient, the glacier that is in Qinghai-Tibet Platean melts speed is accelerated, move on snow line, bring about quantity of a few laky water to increase, herdsman careless field is appeared one after another by the zoology problem such as adj/LIT wide. For this, the Chinese Academy of Sciences organizes large family to take an examination of a group to wait to change of Qinghai-Tibet Platean glacier, air for many times undertake special subject inspects research. Additional, about the project of a lot of scientific research that Qinghai-Tibet Platean studies, still be included a country 973 plans.

Say hotly, the Party Central Committee, the State Council takes the whole world seriously very much calefacient the issue that affects to Qinghai-Tibet Platean environment. Include group of expert of Chinese Academy of Sciences inside advisory committee of development of the Xizang Autonomous Region holds water 3 years to come, already formed the advisory report of a few high quality. Current, the the Xizang Autonomous Region is in the development on the history and stable best period, those who hope experts combine local masses to produce the life further is actual, the whole world that defeat solution is calefacient a variety of contradiction that bring to Qinghai-Tibet Platean development.

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