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Tibetan river flood season is deferred this year
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13 days of before dawn, a heavy rain slept lightly the people in sleep. This rainfall achieves 14.9 millimeter, lhasa river eagre. The reporter learns yesterday, this year, each old river flood season compares Tibet in former years is deferred somewhat, at the beginning of September, each river water level is shown rise trend. Did not come a few days, tibet is local will still fall small to moderate rain, municipal atmosphere bureau holds a press conference yesterday, ask various branch has done work of the take precautions against natural calamities that decrease calamity.

   Climate is basic and normal September

Municipal observatory on September 13 20 when issuance weather forecast shows, did not come 3 days, lin Zhi, prosperous, edge river a gleam of is reached to will have light rain south hill, partial area has moderate rain, other area cloudy or have showery. Lhasa weather is sunny now, tomorrow predicts to have showery.

According to municipal atmosphere bureau senior engineer He Xiaogong introduces, weather and photograph of the corresponding period of in former years were compared September this year, rainfall amplitude is not big. Current, tibetan air temperature is reduced gradually, fall smooth, drop in temperature on average everyday 2 Celsius left and right sides. Come by August at the beginning of September, because rainfall of area of each river upper reaches compares concentration, bring about discharge of a few rivers to increase, water level rises ceaselessly. As we have learned, tibetan monsoon basically came in May centrally September, up to now, the change with Tibetan climate and bigger than doing not have look of the corresponding period of in former years. Current, tibet still is in monsoon, do not eliminate to be in the last ten-day of a month appeared in September big range and weather of partial area rainfall.

Discharge of two great rivers exceeds alert

Yesterday reporter from according to municipal flood prevention direct does understanding to, begin from August 29, water level of river of Tibetan part river begins to rise, if Lhasa river, Buddhist nun is foreign,the discharge such as trunk stream of river, Brahmaputra begins to increase. Begin from September 4, each old river water level begins Tibet slow rise. On September 6, discharge of Buddhist nun foreign river already exceeded cautionary flow, to September 7, buddhist nun foreign river more discharge of dot of Zhang Shuiwen observation exceeds cautionary flow, 81 hydrology observation nods water level to already transcended warning line. On September 8, 9 days, tibetan river water level continues to rise, on September 10, discharge of dot of many hydrology observation exceeds Lhasa cautionary discharge. On September 13, as a result of the reason of precipitation, observation of hydrology of Lhasa river Lhasa nods water level to achieve 4.95 meters, from warning line 0.19 meters, discharge amounts to 2580 stere every second, exceed cautionary flow 310 stere every second.
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