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Shallow the origin that talks about a Tibetan opera
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Tibetan opera, also say for Zang opera. Tibetian is our country minority in have large and Thespian nation exclusively, its history is long, it is to circulate one of very wide type of drama. Outside dividing Tibet, the Tibetan area of pond of the Ba Tang of Sichuan, manage, Gan Zi, Gansu Province, the Yu Shu of Qinghai, the Tibetan area of Yunnan has Zang opera circulate.

The Tibet of Zang opera is called pull Mu (meaning for " fairy " ) . Reportedly Zang opera is the earliest be comprise by 7 sister. A list of plays is the fairy tale in sutra more, get a name so to pull Mu. Zang opera has one additionally to be called bright amount to (meaning for music for voices in a Chinese opera) .

According to legend is in the Christian era inchoate Tibet is Buddhist in 8 centuries be current. The assist of heart of Tibetan king Japanese red pine that Tibet is in office at that time (742-796 of the Christian era) because suffer the effect of its Mu Jincheng's princess, very devotional to buddhism, the founder of a school of learning of dignitary lotus earthnut is asked toward India before appointing minister (white Ma capital) into Cang Hongyang power of Buddha. At the Christian era 779 years (Tang Da all previous 14 years) in Tibet Sang Yuan temple builds south hill, when inauguration ceremony lotus earthnut uses the folk song south Tibetan hill dancing, according to sutra story, arrange the dumb show of dancing form, so as to presses down demon fulfil god, publicize the philosophical content in buddhism, allegedly this is now the rudiment of Zang opera.

Zang opera is in Tibetan churchyard terribly is popular, people very love. It basically distributings it is south hill, Day noise made in coughing or vomiting criterion, 3 ground such as Lhasa, city, prosperous although the area has but less. Before liberating only annual lunar calendar used by the Zang nationality in July Xue Du section (attribute religious red-letter day originally, make the red-letter day of Zang opera joint performance later, call a bumper harvest the section again) the troupe that should come to Lhasa raise poor performance has 12. Still have relatively famous Sa Jia child, Nimuwa additionally, and the Zang opera amateur in cloister is organized (the Mu Rubai mulberry of Mu Lu temple acts 12 every years " Debadengba " ) , the team of amateur of lama Tibetan opera of temple of forest of merits and virtues. These have 6 white masks to send in troupe, 4 blue masks are sent, an interpose this is both between, one performs monodrama.

Zang opera fastens square drama formerly, rouse one cymbals only (new group is big, old the group is small) , do not have other musical instrument, rely on voice to accompany a singer completely echo sb, resemble the high pitch of Sichuan opera a bit, general component is 3 parts when the show. The first part is " " it is opening remarks; The 2nd part is called " male " it is to making fun of; The 3rd part is called " plunge into on the west " , meaning greet for the blessing auspicious.
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