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Marvellous spectacle of snow region highland: Shi Qusong case Shi Jingcheng
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Marvellous spectacle of snow region highland: Shi Qusong case Shi Jingcheng

Be located in Sichuan to save most the Shi Qu county that northwest carries, it is Sichuan province altitude highest, area is the largest with the position a the most out-of-the-way county, be in here plain, green, Tibet 3 provinces area is handed in collect place and elegant rice huller area of Jiang Yuan head, it is the region of true thoughts and feelings of Qinghai-Tibet Platean, belong to typical upland prairie. As a result of situation out-of-the-way, height above sea level is higher undeserved traffic thoroughfare, of stone canal county famous degree very low, annual ab extra patronage person very few. However, in Shi Qu churchyard " Za Xi gets stuck " llano (" Za Xi gets stuck " meaning for Jiang Bian of elegant rice huller, for Shi Qu the county conceals the another name of language) in, however conceal wears an infrequent world marvellous spectacle: One uses an a quarter full Buddhist lection, 6 words completely of figure of Buddha of true make peace lapidarian base build by laying bricks or stones rises Shi Cheng -- loose style Shi Jingcheng.

The author had favour to hid in the Shi Jingcheng in the prairie to undertake making an on-the-spot investigation to this last year in October. Loose style Shi Jingcheng is located in be apart from a county the A day that sip presses down northeast to make an appointment with 70 kilometers to be in plunges into countryside churchyard, the town is located in river of music of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of affluent of river of elegant rice huller between the wide Gu Zhi that the bank is in two hill to confront each other on the west, a shallow grave builds back at the foot of a hill of shallow grave, the prairie with an open relief is in front, again far place is a gently, perfectly round hill, landform environment has hide one kind already to the person wider feeling. Mulberry shellfish introduces the prefectural culture curator that occupies a person of the same trade, the local Tibet language that is in because of Shi Jingcheng cries " loose " , reason place masses calls his " loose style " (" case " for mood auxiliary word, without implication) . The azimuth of the city sits south the Northern Dynasties, whole city shows one rectangle. The stuff is 73 meters long, north and south is 47 meters wide, of the city outside wall height is 9 meters about, the classics of central principal part of the city partial apogee is 14.5 meters. In the city wall all around outside a platoon was bestrewed to be folded heavily on the wall fold look picture countless " the window " shrine, there are figure of Buddha of carved stone of coloured drawing or pattern and God mostly inside shrine. Have bas-relief, wired also quarter, sculpture ability law is much very elegant, the sort of figure of Buddha and God is various, and 1000 appearance 100 condition, bearing each different. Many carved stone resemble harships of years of all previous classics erode and come out color, look year of Dai Jiuyuan. According to on-the-spot reconnaissance statistic, there is shrine with respect to cloth on the enclosure outside Shi Jingcheng only 383 place, among them openly wall 204 place, the east wall 68 place, west wall 62 place, rear wall 49 place. Besides, bestrewed countless shrine likewise inside the city, all consecrate is worn the lapidarian figure of Buddha that carves myriad of elegant, bearing. the sort with respect to figure of Buddha of carved stone of the coloured drawing or pattern inside shrine and elegant degree, loose style Shi Jingcheng can says is the lapidarian art museum on a prairie.
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