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Pedestrian result mixes part of arrange of wood of accept of line of plain Tibet
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Shenzhen - Chengdu - red cling to - pedestrian shuttle slope - red cling to - village of pedestrian party mountain - pedestrian calabash sea - pedestrian tower fair llano - Ma Ni arms - pedestrian new way sea - prosperous - Lhasa - pedestrian Namucuo - Lhasa -

Came to went 24 days in all July 31 July 7, changing cost to restrict 3000 yuan of person of the same trades is DAVID, DANCE, Luo Lan in all 4 people

A few experience:

1 . The Tibetan friendlies commonly, the fairness that need a person tells a truth to keep promise, do not grab secretly, devout to Buddha, be happy to help a person. Tibetan proper pride is very strong, mutual very unite, get along to want calmly only with the Tibetan mutual comity, respect their religion, safe problem is beardless too worry unnecessarily. Tibetan humor humour is very actually facetious.

2. Between the Han people Tibetan an area relatively unite, when having need, can be at ease appeal, won't be decieved commonly.

3. Take the Tibetan's car to fasten too dispute time, car condition, seat. They do not have the service spirit of commercial society, time sense is not strong, include a passenger to be opposite overweighted be accustomed to sth. General they will be much to tourist of the Han people receive a carfare, but too won't unusual. Place had better negotiate good price before above car.

4. Carry a tent on the back the meeting is a lot of more convenient. Hide an area everywhere wide person is rare everywhere beautiful scenery, accommodation see poorer, camp is very good choice. The Tibetan is used to camp, the tent to you won't be interfered.

5. A the most important, tibetan mastiff but far view cannot the hand is felt! Although its host feeds it,want cautious.

D 1 - D2
Early morning train goes to Guangzhou, arrive by Guangzhou train again Chengdu, can turn to arrive by the bus to the station afternoon the following day long-distance station

Long-distance car Chengdu arrives red cling to, car Cheng 12 hours. The attention can have serious bank note and grab a phenomenon, be necessary to get on a car ahead of schedule occupational position, the scenery outside the car after Guo Yaan begins beauty, air temperature drops, air becomes pure and fresh, red Ba Hai unplugs 1600 meters

Pedestrian shuttle slope and red cling to; Shuttle slope is apart from red cling to 4 kilometers, go up to see highest watchtower toward hill to shuttle slope, can go in shuttle slope the Tibetan has a meal, give money at will. Take a pellet or powder cling to oneself it is the dusk.

Did not receive Dang Ling's car continuously, arrive only Bian Er is again pedestrian go, or rent a car. Bus car in the morning 9 when set out, the car is extremely broken, road very danger. The four seasons arrives afternoon Bian Er, pedestrian to night 7 when, go up along clear clear brook, the scenery is extremely beautiful. Mayor home lives in Dang Ling hostel, still calculate sanitation, everybody is 20 yuan. Dang Ling 3400 meters
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